Warehouse Management System

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Delhi/NCR 1 day 16th 5500 Book Now
S No Contents/Topics Objective
1     WMS To familiarize the Warehouse employees on the best practices and the methods of ware-housing.

Warehousing : What & Why


To build more understanding about warehouse, different functions & roles of warehouse, various types of warehouses along with the importance of warehouses.
3 Basic Controls : 5S To create strong foundation on warehouse management and to build more understanding towards lean warehousing, identification and elimination of various wastes involved in our day to day WMS.
4 Performance Measure To understand the difference between Results & Key results, Enablers & Results, control CP’s to realize MP’s, Understand various performance measures for warehouse,
5 Inventory Analysis To build more understanding towards inventory & inventory analysis, inventory turnover with various inferences, ABC analysis etc.
6 Warehouse Operations To build more operational aspect from receiving, receiving procedure, handling, storage, storage requirements- plot plan, layout plan, naming locations, labelling strategy etc. Various inventory flow methods & obsolescence control with the use of technology – Barcode & RFID.