Lean Management and Lean TPM

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Course Outline

What is Lean Management?

Introduction and History

Principles of Lean Implementation

  • Identify Value
  • Map Value Stream
  • Create Flow
  • Establish Pull
  • Seek Perfection

What is Value?

What is Value Stream?

What are Value added and Non Value Added Activities?

Why do NVA’s Occur?
-What is Waste?

What are Eight Types of Wastes?

Tools to Reduce/Eliminate Waste
Visual Management

What is 5S?
How to Implement 5S?

What is Kaizen?
-How to Implement Kaizen?PDSA Cycle.

How do we establish Flow?
-What is Cellular Management?

How do we establish Pull
-What is JIT/KANBAN?

How do we show result?
-What is Visual Management?

What is TPM?
What are the development stages of TPM?

What are Distinctive Features of TPM?
What is OEE?

How do ZD and TPM lead to Defect Prevention System?

How Lean Management and TPM get integrated?

How toMaximize Equipment Effectiveness through Lean TPM?

  • What are the five Lean TPM developmental activities?

How to Organise for Lean TPM Implementation-5 Steps

How to implement and stabilise Lean TPM-7 Steps

How to integrate Lean TPM and small Group Activities?



1. Instructor Led Training
2. Case Studies/Group Discussions
3. Assignments/Exercises/Videos
4. Q&A