Industrial Pneumatics & Industrial Hydraulics

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Delhi/NCR Class room 3 days 24th & 25th July 10000 + 18%GST Book Now


This course has been designed for fresher/experienced Industry personnel to enhance their understanding in Industrial Pneumatics and Industrial Hydraulics. This course will provide an effective knowledge & skills required by Industry personnel to understand the Industrial Pneumatics and Industrial Hydraulics related activities/operations as per the need of Industries.



Introduction to Industrial Pneumatics

Role of Pneumatics in Automation Elements in a Pneumatic System:

  • Air Preparation & Distribution
  • Recognize pneumatic symbols drawn to the relevant standards
  • Read pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Circuit diagram layout
  • Construct simple pneumatic controls


Detail Information about pneumatic Components:

  • Cylinders & Valves : Their working and interactions
  • Direct and indirect control
  • Logic valves including shuttle valves and two pressure valves

Introduction to Electro Pneumatic:

  • Electro Pneumatic Control
  • Solenoid operated valves
  • Directional and solenoid operated valves


Industrial Hydraulics:

  • What is hydraulics?
  • Physical fundamentals and principles
  • Hydraulic components (pumps, motors, cylinders, valves: directional, pressure, flow; accessories)
  • Fluid power symbols as per DIN ISO 1219

Electro – Hydraulics:

  • Introduction to Basic Hydraulic
  • Electro- Hydraulic control
  • Instructions, guidance, and review for practical hydraulic aspects



  • Practice by self-trial of circuit making.
  • Electro- Pneumatic Circuits development.
  • Exposure to Pneumatic timers, cascading circuits and relays.
  • Documenting the project.
  • Maintenance & trouble shooting.
  • Understanding Safety aspects
  • Instructions, guidance, and review for practical hydraulic aspects
  • Practice by self-trial of circuit making on demonstration power pack
  • Instructions on storage, commissioning, trouble shooting, maintenance and safety
  • Maintenance & trouble shooting
  • Electro- Hydraulic Control
  • Documenting the project.


ELIGIBILITY: Any Industry personnel with qualification ITI/Diploma/ B.E/B.Tech /M. Tech (All Discipline).