Emotional Intelligence

Location Training Mode Duration Date Price Details
Delhi/NCR Class room 2 day 23-24 June 10000+ GST (18%) Book Now
Emotional Intelligence Training Plan – 2 Days
Modules /Topics Training Methodology Focus Areas / Objective
1 Introduction and Expectation Setting Slides/Case Based/Role Plays What is Emotional Intelligence?
Why do we need EI at work?
Harmonizing emotion and thought
Why having a high IQ cannot guarantee success
2 Understanding EI Slides/Case Based/Role Plays How emotionally intelligent are you – Self assessment
Being wise at workplaceTypes of EI models
1) Perceiving Emotions
2) Using Emotions
3) Understanding Emotions
4) Managing Emotions
3 Daniel Goleman’s Model of EI and Application at work Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Self-Awareness:

Self Confidence
Realistic Self Awareness
Self-deprecating Sense of Humor
Thirst for Constructive Criticism

4 Exploring Elements of EI Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Self-Regulation:

Controlling temper
Controlling Stress
Being positive and action centred
Handling pressure
Clarity of thought
Judging decisions

5 Motivating Self and Team Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Motivation at Workplace:

Enjoying challenge & stimulation
Seeking out achievement
Ability to take initiative
Activity: Role-play to practice the learning and application within small groups

6 Winning Trust and Establishing Credibility Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Empathy at Workplace:

Ability to see other people’s point of view

Behaving openly and honestly
Avoiding the tendency to stereotype others
Being culturally aware
Considering others’ feelings

7 Leading Self and Others Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Developing Social Skills:

Skills of Persuation
Communication skills
Listening Skills
Dispute Resolution
Inspire and Leading Others
Building Rapport

8 Emotional Intelligence test Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Case Studies with questions based on a variety of situations.
Analysis of situations and discussion on typical workplace challenges
Difference between IQ & EQ
Limits of IQ
9 Social Styles Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Analysing teams and peers
Understanding Social Styles
Leveraging talent & increasing productivity
10 Dealing with Conflicts Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Thomas Kilmann Conflict Modes
Styles influencing behaviours
11 What is Emotional Competence? Slides/Case Based/Role Plays The power of Intuition
Emotional Awareness
Managing your career effectively
Power of Self-Regulation
Achievement Drive and Commitment
Understanding Others & the Art of Listening
Leadership and Assertiveness
12 Recap Slides/Case Based/Role Plays Recap of the concepts discussed & Role-play to place the learning in action.