Educational Service

3a Learning Solutions helps institutions and College students in building their skills. We support them in learning the upcoming technologies by serving industries relevant programs:

The transition from academic life to professional is often a demanding process. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different than those in campus. The schools and colleges need to ensure that their students are up to pace with the rigorous demands of competitive world. At 3a Learning Solutions, we ensure this in a smooth and stress-free manner.

The participants shall improve their interpersonal skills, etiquettes and professional image. Our interactive program focuses on essential skills that students need to distinguish themselves and make a positive impact on their work and social lives.

3a Common Track of Technologies Program – This includes the multiple courses overview of 10 days, which helps college student to identify the area of interest, which further make them eligible to their respective domains.

3a Interviewing Skills Program– This includes the personality development, communication skills (Verbal and Non verbal), along with technique to crack interview successfully. Program duration is of 7-days

Also we support then in to below areas:

  • Academic Project Based Training
  • Industry Project Based Training
  • Syllabus based training
  • Industry Oriented training
  • Job Oriented training
  • Add-on Technologies Trainings
  • Seminars
  • Workshops