Knowledge, Education and Trainings: “A Constructive World around you”

Education and knowledge both are the two heads of coin and indifferent in each other context. Education doesn’t comprise only bookish knowledge, though we have grown up ever since with the mindset that education is what our brooks and teacher guides us. Nevertheless with the past decades the mindset and scenario has changed and thus we as a professional also changed, or rather I must say changing day by day.

If we look back and see how we are changing in education and knowledge area … the big boom that changed everything is digitization ,no no…., more digitization. From the toddler to the youth everyone is techno savvy.  If we talk about education, or gaining the knowledge every time we need guidance or way ahead to get the command of anything (it could be any language , any skill development, any school project , any professional course and the list is plethora)  everything moves around the learning and more learning.

But the question comes in our mind “HOW”?? So here is the entry of training comes in our lives that is nurturing the social aspects as well as individual aspects. Social aspects means- you start interacting more people.. More ideas… More learning at one junction. Individual aspects means – developing the skills, the knowledge and over all personality.

– Sometime trainings becomes (Project – Based –Training) PBT (like Microsoft, Oracle, UNIX or any stream related project.
–  Sometime it is Supplementary project- based- training SPBT (like developing some specific skill set that is needed in some project like Leadership skill, behavioral skills).

In all the training imparts the overall development and improving your weak areas and groom them to the extent that helps you to nurture your life and your carrier.

That makes you a beautiful person that gives a new shape to your world and creates the environment that creates the ideas into the reality of the world.

-Priyanka Kataria-